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Usages is a Java API usage analyzer.

GitHub Repository
Public Maven repo-

Server and IntelliJ IDEA plugin artifacts.


Attention! They are unstable now.

Usages Analysis Tool

This tool finds code usages in the specified Maven repositories. It indexes repositories, downloads required artifacts and scans ".class" files in them. The tool analyzes all kinds of dependencies: usages of fields, usages of methods, extensions of classes and implementation of interfaces, usages of annotations, overrides of methods.

The tool is separated into 2 parts: server application, which collects all information and analyzes classes, and a client one, which is implemented as IntelliJ Plugin. Both of them are currently in development, but alpha versions are available on our portal.


Server part of the tool is a Java application and could be run simply:

java -jar server-${version}.jar

Configuration properties

All parameters are passed as system variables (-D<name>=<value>)

  • server.port - defines server port, which is used for find usages requests, 8080 by default;
  • usages.workDir - defines working directory for settings.xml (see section below) and work files (e.g. caches, database), ~/usages/ by default.

Repositories indexing configuration

You need to provide information about your repositories in ${usages.workDir}/settings.xml file. See the example below.

    <!-- Repositories to be indexed>
            <!-- repository system, "nexus" or "artifactory" -->
            <!-- scan repository for new artifacts every 3 hours ->
    <!-- Type of artifacts to be analyzed -->

IntelliJ Plugin

Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA should be installed from disk using idea-plugin-${version}.jar. After the installation, set URL to usages server in plugin configuration (Tools --> Configure Usages plugin). To perform find usages action use CTRL + F9 (for simple search) or ALT + CTRL + SHIFT + F9 (with configuration before the search) shortcut when you are on the element to be searched for.

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