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Welcome to the Devexperts Code – a collection of the public software developed at Devexperts.

Most of the listed products are published under some OSS license, please consult a product documentation for details.

Some open-source code by Devexperts also may be found at Devexperts space on GitHub ( and Bintray (


  • Aprof – lightweight memory allocation profiler for Java
  • Bintray Maven Plugin – maven plugin supporting delivery to Bintray repositories
  • Config Encoder – mini framework for serializing Java objects using JavaBeans introspection
  • Data Race Detector – tool to find data races in Java programs
  • DGen – generator of documenting annotations based on Javadoc
  • Dl-Check – tool for finding potential deadlocks
  • EGen – tool for compile-time optimization of Java classes serialization
  • JAgent – framework for implementing java agents
  • lin-check – Java linearization checker
  • Magnolia CMS modules
  • time-test – lightweight framework for testing time-based functionality
  • Usages – Java API usage analyzer


Most of these projects are developed with active participation of dxLab research group and our students. 



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