Data Race Detector

by Devexperts

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Knock knock. “Race condition.” “Who’s there?”

What is DRD?

Data Race Detector (DRD) is tool for dynamic detection of data races in Java programs

DRD is developed by Devexperts LLC (

DRD is implemented as java agent, i.e. it's executed in the same JVM with a target application.

It dynamically tracks various events in a program and finds apparent and potential data races during its execution.
Race reports and other information are logged into log files.
For every detected race additional information is printed (stack traces, race target, etc.) to help to detect and fix race in the source code.

Using DRD

Download and unpack DRD distribution package

The profiled application should be run with "-javaagent:drd_agent.jar" JVM argument.

(warning) Do not rename agent file "drd_agent.jar"!!!

See Documentation page for more details

How to get it?

Check Download page.

Current status: release 0.7, 20.11.2015


Feel free to submit feature requests and bug reports at <drd-support at>.